🚀 MIRL adopts a community driven launch plan

MIRL Genesis NFT launch plan is now updated with a Reduced Mint Price while retaining utilities!

3 min readMar 7, 2022


Dear MIRL Community,

After hearing feedback and conducting a poll on Discord, there will be some changes made to our upcoming MIRL Genesis NFT launch.

As a community driven project, your voice is important to us. Since most of you voted to make adjustments to the initial launch plan, we have decided to proceed with your proposal!

The mint at MIRL will take place at the same time and date, albeit at a lowered mint price and with slight changes in how holders will obtain our in-house physical wearables. More details below ⬇️

MIRL Genesis Mint

Mint price

The mint price will be revised from the 0.1 ETH for Whitelist and 0.12 ETH for Public sales, to 0.04 ETH for Whitelist and 0.06 ETH for Public sales.

NFT Benefits Update

The rationale for this revised mint price is due to the changes in the physical wearable. We have received community feedback that not all members would be keen on having the free physical wearable, which takes up about 60% of the mint price.

We have put this proposal to a vote on Discord. The community has voted in favour of revising the price while removing the physical wearable merchandise that comes with the NFT.

As such, the physical wearable is now optional and only MIRL NFT holders who are interested can purchase them at a later date.

We will be hosting a separate ERC1155 physical redeemable NFTs at production cost price for MIRL genesis NFT owners who are still keen to acquire them.

All of our other NFT entitlements, such as exclusive access to events, APY boost on Bybit exchange, airdrops from collaborations and physical swag box provided by our partners or collaboration artists, still remain.

Mint date and time

The mint date and time remains the same.

Whitelist mint will be on 10 March 2 PM UTC, while Public mint will be on 11 March, 2PM UTC.

Maximum mint quantity

Whitelist holders can mint a maximum of 2 NFTs, while users in the Public sale can mint a maximum of 3 NFTs per txn.

Whitelist holders can mint both during the Whitelist and Public sales, for a maximum of 5 NFTs.


The collection’s mint price is revised to 0.04 ETH for Whitelist sale, and 0.06 ETH for Public sale.

The physical wearable will now be made optional, exclusive to MIRL holders who wish to purchase them.

All other benefits and entitlements remain the same.

We remain excited as ever for both launches and to showcase all our MIRL NFTs to the community.

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About MIRL

MIRL is a DAO and incubator enabling creatives and designers all over the world. Since its inception, over 300 aspiring designers have joined the DAO. MIRL will be launching its genesis NFT series on 10 March and its native token, $MIRL subsequently. All NFT holders will enjoy a fashion wearable designed in-house. MIRL is founded by designers and strategists who have worked with H&M, SHEIN, Yahoo, Google and Nike. MIRL is also in partnership with top players such as Bybit, Mintable, CRC Capital, AVStar Capital, Solanium, Hotdao, MH Ventures, Moonedge, Dexlabs, Vistalabs, Magnet Ventures and more.




MIRL is the first decentralised fashion brand born in the metaverse. https://mirl.club/