MIRL Community Townhall — OCT 2023

Another few months of remarkable progress for the MIRL team as we have been diligently advancing on various tasks and responsibilities.

7 min readOct 26, 2023

With the advent of 2024, we are thrilled to offer you an insightful update on MIRL and the progress of our ongoing initiatives. Let’s delve into the latest developments within the realm of MIRL:

Recent Partnerships & Events

We are thrilled to share the latest developments with our partners:

  • Ark 11

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with ARK 11, who are in partnership with Universal Studios Singapore. ARK 11 is redefining the entertainment and tourism landscape with a groundbreaking nightlife theme park experience.Our role in this exciting venture is to design cutting-edge, futuristic fashion apparel for ARK 11’s bottle girls and boys.

This partnership promises to deliver unparalleled experiences not only to local partygoers but also to international revellers. Discover more about ARK 11 at ARK 11 Website.

The following are some of the sketches of Ark 11’s fashion apparels that we have produced:

  • The Iriseum by Serene (Mental Wellness):

Serene, a passionate advocate and holder of World of Women (WoW), has engaged us to design and produce a line of lifestyle apparel for her community under her brand, The Iriseum.

The Iriseum envisions business as a conduit for empathetic listening and a catalyst for meaningful connections. The consumer marketplace serves as a fitting platform to offer products and services that nurture personal thriving. In this context, mental health and well-being become commonplace subjects that people openly discuss and embrace in their daily lives.

Furthermore, we’ve solidified a partnership with the Arth Sangini NGO, a Non Profit Organisation based in Indore, India, which is dedicated to the empowerment of women. Through this collaboration, we aim to create employment opportunities and generate income for those in need. For further insights into The Iriseum’s mission and initiatives, please visit The Iriseum Website.

  • Wunderground

We are proud to be the design partner for Wunderground, a two-week physical event supported by the Singapore government in September-October. Wunderground is a three-year festival aimed at fostering innovative ideas and facilitating cross-industry, cross-sector, and cross-precinct collaborations. It is a significant initiative touching urban and heartland audiences, with the goal of propelling homegrown collaborations into international markets.

We take immense pride in our role as the design partner for Wunderground, a two-week physical event backed by the Singapore government, set to take place in September-October as part of Singapore Design Week 2024.

Wunderground is set to be a signature event of Singapore, establishing itself as a household name synonymous with The Great Singapore Sale.

Wunderground is also a three-year festival with a mission to cultivate innovative ideas and promote cross-industry, cross-sector, and cross-precinct collaborations. This initiative holds particular significance as it aims to engage both urban and heartland audiences, fostering homegrown collaborations that can expand into international markets.

In our exhibition featured at Wunderground, we provided a platform for our talented creatives within the MIRL Ecosystem to showcase their work. Additionally, we had the privilege of collaborating with Rini, a migrant worker associated with Migrant NFT, to highlight her exceptional fashion creations crafted from lottery papers and grocery bags. The following are some of the installation setups that we have done for the event:

Brand: MIRL, Made In Real Life
Brand: Fetchavie
Brand: Simran x O.NE by Simrita
Brand: Rini from Migrant NFT

Beyond the event, we organized a vibrant fashion party on September 28, 2023, exclusively for our Singapore-based NFT holders and esteemed partners within the fashion industry. This unforgettable soirée was co-organized in collaboration with Invade and the renowned fashion luminary, Daniel Boey.

  • Connexions

We are in the beta testing phase of our exciting new product, Connexion. Connexions is a single, personalized digital hub designed to consolidate all social media profiles, websites, and online content. Our MVP is set to be released in Q4, followed by the onboarding of our first wave of users. This innovative platform is positioned to capture both web2 and web3 audiences, serving both retail users and professional brands.

  • Fashionably Imperfect

As mentioned in the previous investor’s update, that on August 10, 2023, we co-hosted a fashion event with Eyeyah! and the National Design Centre, where we introduced our new label, M0NSTER collection.

“M0NSTER” represents a pivotal moment for MIRL Labs, as it encompasses a diverse range of price points, catering to a global audience of fashion enthusiasts and retail consumers. This collection harmoniously blends style and technology, marking it our most anticipated and potentially successful venture to date.

We are thrilled by the significant strides we’ve taken and the thrilling opportunities that lie ahead on our fashion odyssey. Your enduring support has been invaluable as we continue to reshape the landscape of the fashion industry through MIRL. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for being a part of this transformative journey.

We would like to thank our beloved community for your ongoing support and belief in our vision. We look forward to exploring new horizons and achieving greater milestones with you by our side.

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About MIRL

MIRL is a FashionFi project to empower creatives around the world in both the metaverse and the physical world. Our ecosystem product includes the DAO and incubator that connects creatives and designers all over the world with a global community. MIRL brings the fashion industry into the Metaverse with community-driven products, unique wear-to-earn NFTs, and talented new creators; all while providing solutions to help manage the systematic issues within the current fashion industry model. While fashion has yet to establish a place in the current Metaverse, MIRL and the FashionFi industry have the potential to grow through building peaceful, mutually beneficial relationships to foster a better, more accessible Metaverse. Since its inception, over 350 aspiring designers have joined the DAO. MIRL is founded by designers and strategists who have worked with H&M, SHEIN, Yahoo, Google and Nike. MIRL is also in partnership with top players such as Bybit, Mintable, AVStar Capital, Solanium, MEXC, DAO Kondr, OXO Capital, Dexlabs, Vistalabs, Magnet Ventures and more.

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