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8 min readJun 2, 2022

Introduction of MIRL — Made in Real Life

MIRL, pronounced as mirror, is the first decentralized fashion brand born in the metaverse.

We aim to bridge the physical and digital world together. We are more than a collectible, more than an art. Our mission is really to inspire and empower designers and creatives all over the world.

MIRL strives to be big on community driven ideas. We are building a creative DAO which aims to support, inspire and empower creatives and designers around the world in exchange for an onchain income share agreement. And all these proceeds will go back to the DAO in which, continues the cycle of support. Our creative DAO is governed by the community through MIRL NFT.

Creatives Pain Point

Many artists and illustrators have portfolio careers, piecing together a mixture of jobs while competing for limited funding and opportunities in the field of art and creative. Even artists with multiple facets of their career have difficulties maintaining a sustainable living based off their skillsets. Working in the creative field involves both physical demands and mental strain.

Over the course of COVID 19 pandemic, 10 million creative jobs have been lost. Many creatives seized the opportunity of the rise in digitalisation to develop innovative projects in the digital sphere.

At MIRL, we believe in opportunities for all and empowering of creatives by allowing them to showcase their work to a global audience.

Let our founder, Joanna walk you through how you as a creative, can benefit from our robust ecosystem with several key stakeholders!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What are some of the projects that you guys are currently working on ?

At the moment….

  • We have over 300 creatives/designers/artists that have applied for our incubator, but in the midst of onboarding a few more talents.
  • Expanding partnerships with web2 brands (Fashion houses, traditional brands, Retail, F&B) and web3 Projects (NFT projects, Crypto Exchanges, Protocols)
  • Physical events in Singapore and NYC, after Dubai and Paris
  • MIRL digital wearables in Metaverses
  • and more!

Q2 Are there any criteria for an artist to be chosen?

No, there isn’t. The whole purpose of the creative DAO is to connect all sorts of artists. So even though MIRL is a fashion NFT project, we are more than happy to work with artists who specialize in various fields — musician / visual art artists / dancers / architects etc. Anyone and everyone is welcome to be a part of the MIRL ecosystem.

What we do look for is the passion within you. The drive that really sets you apart from someone who is just here for a ride. We do want to be part of your journey to make a dream come true. Speak to us and we see how we can try to help you.

Q3 Will artists be legally binded to only the MIRL community, or will they be able to join other communities?

We do not want to confine you to just our community. If there are more opportunities out there in the market, we would love to have you pursuing new opportunities. What MIRL offers is a stepping stone for young and aspiring artists and creators who have no idea what NFT is or how to begin in the NFT space. We can only guide you and provide you a space for you to have a chance in something that you are so passionate about.

Q4 How do we ensure that artists go through with the initial agreement?


A written contract will help to ensure that all the terms of your agreement are documented between parties. If a disagreement arises, there will be a document that the parties can refer to get the relationship back on track. A written contract offers protection.

Q5 Is there a ranking system in which artists are selected to work with a web2/web3 project?

No there isn’t. We believe in equality and opportunity for all. But what we do require is that every artist and web2/3 partnerships need to be respectful of one another. We want to create a safe and cordial playground for collaborations and partnerships. Make love not war!

Q6 How will artists be selected for a project collaboration?

Usually when we take on a project, we will first have an open call to all our creatives where they can sign up for it. After which, we will be shortlisting a few potential candidates. Eventually, MIRL and/or the project manager will select the available artists to work with. This ensures equality for all creatives out there rather than we shortlist and decide for ourselves. Again, MIRL NFT is a project in which the community gets to govern, vote, and make decisions together.

Q7 How will MIRL be able to support me as an artist and designer?

Here are the four pillars!

Q8 What’s the process like to be collaborating with a web2/3 project through MIRL?

Q9 How can we sign up?

Join our Creative DAO here — https://mirl.club/join

Q10 What is the remuneration system like?

It is subject to the project’s deliverables. This again will be discussed and negotiated when it comes to penning it down on a contract.

Q11 Do you think web2 brands will continue this trend into the Metaverse? Or do you think this is just a passing fad?

I believe that the Metaverse is something that is very similar to our real world in many aspects and may even replace some real-world activities temporarily. We are already seeing virtual spaces, games like Oculus technology, virtual skins on zoom meetings etc. I was with my fashion lecturer earlier today and he was discussing with me on how he is rewriting the school programme for the next batch of students in which students could opt for a digital final year submission. It could be in the form of a digital portfolio or a form of graduate fashion show. Is definitely not a passing fad.

Q12 What are the community driven products MIRL offers?

To give the community even more control over the future of MIRL, the project is governed by a DAO. The DAO acts as MIRL’s governing body and determines future business directions, ranging from operations within the MIRL ecosystem to deciding member benefits. Overall, the DAO system allows for full transparency, as members partake in decision-making. It also grants every individual both the opportunity to raise proposals, and a unique voice in dictating MIRL’s future.

All royalty proceeds from the NFT Genesis Collection — plus 50% of the profits generated by the MIRL Labs e-store — will be put into the DAO. This will enable the launch of subsequent new collections by other fashion designers, as well as provide scholarship grants for aspiring new designers.

Another community driven aspect is definitely the fashion driven movement that drives social media presence and rewards the fashionista within our community!

Therefore, I would say the community plays a key role in most of our product offerings, from NFTs, Wearables, W2E, Incubator and DAO.

What does the MIRL Ecosystem Entails!?

The Metanoia Universe


  • An open-for-all e-store, MIRL Labs will allow NFT collectors to customize apparels with NFTs that they own in their crypto wallets.
  • These features will be unlocked and redeemable with $MIRL tokens. Besides the usual digital assets used to redeem or acquire NFTs/Physical apparel, $MIRL owners will receive special entitlements on MIRL Labs at a special rate.


The MIRL Incubator supports aspiring creatives with both intellectual and financial resources to create their art in the Metaverse.

  • Creators are evaluated and invited to join the MIRL ecosystem
  • Select creators may be given the opportunity to work with established brands
  • Scholarship grants may also be awarded to select artists worth up to $50,000 USD worth of $MIRL


The governing body of MIRL’s future business directions. All MIRL community members will be able to pass proposals, vote and contribute to the dao.

  • Members of the DAO will be recipients of proceeds from the Genesis NFT secondary sales, MIRL e-store as well as MIRL collection partnerships.
  • Furthermore, the DAO will also be the recipient of all other business initiatives by MIRL down the road, similar to the concept of a kickstarter campaign.

Curious to find out more about our DAO? Stay tuned for our next article on MIRL DAO and what is it all about.

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About MIRL

MIRL is a DAO and incubator enabling creatives and designers all over the world. Since its inception, over 300 aspiring designers have joined the DAO. MIRL will be launching its genesis NFT series on 10 March and its native token, $MIRL subsequently. All NFT holders will enjoy a fashion wearable designed in-house. MIRL is founded by designers and strategists who have worked with H&M, SHEIN, Yahoo, Google and Nike. MIRL is also in partnership with top players such as Bybit, Mintable, CRC Capital, AVStar Capital, Solanium, HOTDao, MEXC, DAO VC, OXO Capital, Moonedge, Dexlabs, Vistalabs, Magnet Ventures and more.




MIRL is the first decentralised fashion brand born in the metaverse. https://mirl.club/