MIRL is preparing for take-off!

4 min readFeb 23, 2022


We are thrilled to announce that MIRL — the Made In Real Life project- will officially launch on 10th March! 🧥🧵

Figure 1. The Made In Real Life (MIRL) Project

What is MIRL?

MIRL is a decentralised fashion brand, a creative workspace, a designer incubator, and much, much more. The idea for the MIRL Project came about as a possible solution to help manage several ongoing issues in both the fashion and the creatives industries; such as the sustainability problem in fast fashion and the lack of opportunities presented to emerging creatives to grow their own brand.

How do we plan to do all of this?

Figure 2. The MIRL Ecosystem

The MIRL team plans to start by establishing an integrative ecosystem within the Metaverse for creatives to showcase their work while also being able to make an income for themselves. These will consist of 3 foundational building blocks — The DAO, The Incubator, and The Community


The MIRL DAO is the centrepiece of MIRL Ecosystem. Not only do members of the DAO enjoy profits from MIRL brand, DAO members also vote on which creators receive scholarship grants in exchange for on-chain income share agreements (ISA).

The DAO will be controlled by holders of the Genesis NFT collection.

2. The MIRL Incubator program

Want to pursue your dreams of starting your own designer brand? Submit your creative proposal to us — and if our community calls for it, we’ll back you up!

The MIRL brand will be shared by creatives, brands, partners, and IPs, who sign up with MIRL.

When a designer’s proposal has been accepted by the DAO, it goes through to the MIRL Incubator, where these designers will be paired with other existing partners / projects to form a joint creative undertaking. The final product, whether it is a merchandise range, a 1/1 piece, etc — will be made available for sale to the community of the participating partners as well as MIRL’s own community.

These designer works will be made available on the MIRL Labs e-store. Occasionally, these collections featured in the e-store may also allow for additional customisation with NFTs that the user owns.

For every sale under the MIRL brand, proceeds will be shared with the creator and members of the DAO.

3. The MIRL community

Last but not least, the back-bone of the MIRL eco-system, our invaluable community. The MIRL community will come together for the very first time during the launch of the genesis NFT collection on 10 March, featuring 8888 MIRL NFTs. Owners of these first generation 8888 NFTs will hold the highest tier membership status within our community — and as a result, get to enjoy the full array of perks that come with such status— Stay tuned for more information on what these may be in upcoming posts!

As a small teaser, each genesis NFT holder will be able to redeem a physical wearable at no extra cost.

Wow! When is all this happening?!

🗓 Save the dates!

  • 10 March 2022 — 8,888 Genesis NFT launch
  • 16–21 March 2022 — $MIRL IDO Whitelist and Sales
  • 25 March 2022 — $MIRL TGE

In addition, be sure to catch us at our real-life events happening around the globe during the same period as our official launch!

Figure 4. Get ready for launch

About us

We are a team of designers, creatives, entrepreneurs, strategists, builders and dreamers. We’ll be diving deeper into each of the individuals within the MIRL team in our upcoming posts, so make sure you drop us a follow if you want to find out more!

In addition, some of our friends from around the Metaverse have written some pretty amazing articles about us⬇️

Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

For more in-depth information and documents about MIRL ⬇️

Litepaper: https://mirl.club/documents/MIRL-Litepaper.pdf

Whitepaper: https://mirl.club/documents/MIRL-Whitepaper.pdf

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MIRL is the first decentralised fashion brand born in the metaverse. https://mirl.club/