$MIRL Launch Update — 9th May 2022 Update

Before we begin, here are the progress and recap of MIRL ecosystem so far incase you missed it.

Bybit <> MIRL AMA

Townhall Recap

MIRL X Bybit Events

MIRL Bunker: SG Edition

MIRL x Metajam Asia

Bybit <> MIRL NFT Listing + APY Boost

Following the MIRL Genesis NFT launch, we have captured a global audience of 350 Creatives as part of MIRL DAO, 16k Twitter followers, 18k Discord members and 2k NFT holders (including Bybit users). That being said, these momentous events simply mark the humble beginnings of a long journey for both the MIRL ecosystem and community.

Rescheduling on IDO/TGE

Our initial plan was to publicly launch $MIRL at the end of May via our launchpad and CEX partners.

In light of recent market sentiment/performance, more specifically in the primary market for new launches, MIRL team and advisors have decided to postpone the TGE. The feedback from our partners and investors is unanimous as well.

Evidently, the current market climate is not optimal for new projects to launch. To ensure a successful ecosystem launch, we will be focusing on MIRL ecosystem products + collaborative work with our partners prior to MIRL token launch.

The team has collectively decided to focus on delivering products and community benefits to our current users. With upcoming physical events, workshops, creative productions and platform developments set to take place, it is important for the team to allocate time and resources to properly ensure that all business operations run smoothly.

$MIRL token health, sustainability and equitable distribution are crucial to the project’s launch success. Our first priority as a company is to deliver high quality products to end users and our wider community while concurrently allowing our token holders to utilise $MIRL within the different MIRL ecosystem constructs upon TGE.

There is a lot of business developments happening that will help us drive interest and grow our community size. While MIRL development is ongoing, we will be monitoring a few key factors to determine when will $MIRL officially launch.

WIP Efforts at the moment includes collaborative work with individual creatives, web2/web3 brands as well as metaverse initiative with our partners. We are also working on something excited for the entire ecosystem as well. Hint: It touches on a billion dollar industry with named brands engaging it for marketing.

During this period, we will double down on marketing effort and product development. We will be expanding our community through KOLs/marketing agency network as well as through our ambassador program.

Our launchpad partners — Solanium, Moonedge and Dexlab and CEX MEXC — have all agreed to postpone the $MIRL IDO. We are also in contact with Tier 1 CEX to confirm listing upon TGE. Stay tuned for confirmation update!

We would like to thank our investors, partners and community members for your support so far. Do stay tuned on our socials as we will be keeping you updated on our development and progress.

Join us at our social communities below.

Website | Twitter | Instagram| Linkedln | Discord

About MIRL

MIRL is a DAO and incubator enabling creatives and designers all over the world. Since its inception, over 300 aspiring designers have joined the DAO. MIRL will be launching its genesis NFT series on 10 March and its native token, $MIRL subsequently. All NFT holders will enjoy a fashion wearable designed in-house. MIRL is founded by designers and strategists who have worked with H&M, SHEIN, Yahoo, Google and Nike. MIRL is also in partnership with top players such as Bybit, Mintable, CRC Capital, AVStar Capital, Solanium, Hotdao, MH Ventures, Moonedge, Dexlabs, Vistalabs, Magnet Ventures and more.



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MIRL is the first decentralised fashion brand born in the metaverse. https://mirl.club/