MIRL NFT Owner Entitlements

Wearables and Swag

Imagine having VIP access to collections and collections of phygital fashion apparels designed by web3 creatives, in partnerships with web3 brands.

The MIRL capsule jacket is a metaphorical shield that every NFT holder will have access to
Mockup of a merch suggestion for our collab with lostboy
Mockup of a merch suggestion for our partnership with NEARnauts

A world of privileges

Dreamers, we know you run the world in your PJs behind the screen, but we’ll like to invite you to come party with us from time to time. NFT holders join us in city tours, fashion trunk shows, champagne showers, pop-up exclusives and more.

Creative DAO

What is a DAO without a business model? The MIRL creative DAO gives back to creatives by providing scholarships and grants via an on-chain income share agreement that allows the DAO to take a % of their future profits. Help us find the next Beeple, or BE the next Beeple.

$MIRL Airdrop

You will also be entitled to the $MIRL airdrop as a MIRL NFT holder.

Partner Benefits- MIRLxBybit

With our partnership with Bybit, MIRL NFT holders can also get exclusive access to 6.88% APY on Ether (ETH) via Flexible Staking for 30 days on Bybit.



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MIRL is the first decentralised fashion brand born in the metaverse. https://mirl.club/