Recap — MIRL Exhibition Showcase at Singapore Design Week

Missed MIRL’s physical exhibition at Raffles City Shopping Centre during Singapore Design week? Fret not, we got you covered.

7 min readOct 7, 2022

In collaboration with The Front Row and Singapore’s fashion icon, Daniel Boey, MIRL curated a series of NFT + Physical fashion pieces for #FASHTAG during Singapore Design Week 2022.

#FASHTAG is a fashion-focused takeover of Raffles City Shopping Centre during Singapore Design Week 2022.

There was a series of collaborative, cross-disciplinary physical and virtual events, including a fashion photography showcase consisting of new works, collaborations and archival pieces.

Through a series of collaborative, cross-disciplinary events and activations, #FASHTAG explores the possibilities for fashion in an increasingly decentralised and digital post-pandemic world. It also celebrates sustainable, inclusive design, and champions the spirit of cross-border collaborations.

MIRL curated and worked with more than 12 different designers/brands for the special NFT showcase. 14 NFTs and 7 physicals were featured throughout the entire week at one of the busiest shopping malls in Singapore.

The MIRL X Collective — a series of collaborations between MIRL NFT and a variety of global artists, projects, and brands. Through this collaborative collection, we aim to highlight the most talented and emerging artists in the NFT space.

View all NFTs here:

Featured Designers

The amazing Ellaces, co-founder of SG NFT Creator, also known by the name of “Ella”, is a self-taught illustrator based in Singapore. With drawing as her hobby since childhood, Ellaces often creates her art based on the experiences she has encountered in life, giving each of her art a meaningful backstory. Upon entering the NFT space in September 2021, Ellaces has since launched her works across multiple NFT platforms such as OpenSea, Foundation and OBJKT.

Started by Esther Choy, a fashion designer who graduated from Lasalle College of the arts, E S H has an aesthetic based upon the duality of gender in clothing — marrying masculinity and structure with the fluid female form. Drawing inspiration from Marlene Dietrich, ESH showcases the alluring qualities of androgyny with masculine pieces coupled with a woman’s innate femininity. Esh’s designs aim to exude effortless chic and empowers her audience with quiet confidence.

Baëlf’s rebellious personality is evident in their experimental fashion artworks, often characterized by avant-garde forms and whimsical details. The Baëlf aesthetic is often futuristic and always pushing the boundaries in both visuals and techniques.

Their aspiration is to show how technology can be a medium for design, a fresh way to think as much about aesthetics and culture as it is about production and performance.

Formerly known as B1NARY, Aller Row is bringing to the table exclusive edgy-looking classics that relates with your urban lifestyle. Timeless silhouettes with bold prints. Delicate textiles used with an unexpected twist. Serving as your daily muse of a wardrobe that combines attitude with a laid back feel.

THER YANG is an independent fashion designer label which offers innovative new classics while communicating social-cultural values.

Adapting the Buddhism philosophy of anātman, or “non-self”, THER YANG aspires to defy societal norms and combat social issues as a community of like-minded individuals by bringing awareness on social phenomenon through conceptual ideas, minimal designs and new fabrics.

Founded by Ian & Eshton, Syne Studio was created as a reply and protest to the fashion industry. Starting by sourcing for unwanted and discarded kimonos directly from Japan, they begin by restoring broken pieces, reviving pieces of tradition passed down through generations. This passion translated into a brand that now constantly seeks to enhance the latent potential of existing and unused materials from the fashion industry.

Joanne Quo is a passionate Singaporean textile designer who is inclined to adopt wild concepts. She lives by the quote “Any journey is no fun if we know where we are going” by Souma Yukihira, and believes that every project starts in search for oddities. She finds it useful to keep an open mind to provoke perspectives and perceptions. Her offbeat aesthetic and personality often translate into traditional textile surface manipulations and techniques that are applied in unusual ways.

Benedict Yu is a multi-disciplinary art practitioner and researcher who explores Eastern philosophy, psychology, and human behavior through the lense of contemporary arts, conversational interaction, technology, and artificial intelligence.

Sangreal Corp is a multi-disciplined creative collective that aims to disrupt the status quo of the commercial and advertising world, propelling the use of visual effects and 3D-generated imagery with contemporary media and technology.

Midnight Minor is an NFT-backed fashion and lifestyle project to explore new ways of connecting independent fashion labels with other creative talent, retailers, and the market to create better products, content, and experiences. Beyond the NFT collection, MM is focused on collaborations with independent designers to create hybrid NFTs as they view the metaverse as a playground where the physical and digital worlds collide.

From the person behind the masked FEELINEs: I am the creator of MY FEELINE! I design mostly but my true passion is illustrating or what many people say — draw. Trained in graphic communication and visual design, I’ve designed for major brands & brands that you never knew existed. I’ve been doing this for years & it’s about time I design a brand for MYSELF.

GossApe Girl is a brand with a feminine and fashionable approach.

Their mission is to rebuild the box and shift the male ape narrative to enable access for women into Web 3.0. The female ape represents diversity, inclusion, equality and does so in style.

Chervin is an aspiring fashion tech designer, currently exploring the realm of extended reality by combining her background in Fashion Design with a passion for 3D designing to create digital content in Virtual and Augmented reality.

Alden, a.k.a adesignmachine, is a multidisciplinary designer and 3D artist born and raised in Singapore. A particular focus on industrial design allowed him to translate into visual engineering. Fusing his interest in mechanical keyboards began his experiment with keycap design with mecha, which evolved progressively into a non-fungible keycap mecha collection. Apart from building keyboards and creating his mecha, he is advocating and helping new creators to “create.”

Thank you to all those that dropped by Raffles City to see our exhibition! And of course, huge thanks to our partners and the organisers that made SDW possible!

This is just the start, MIRL definitely has more things coming for you guys real soon. Stay tuned!

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