Step-By-Step Guide on The Creator Heist Creatives Challenge 2022

Open to all, irregardless if you are a graphic designer, fashion designer, interior designer or self-taught creative.

4 min readJun 28, 2022

The Creator Heist Creatives Challenge 2022 is a creative challenge designed to help aspiring creatives or designers express their creativity and create a foothold in their creative journey. The idea of the challenge is for participants to develop their own design for a t-shirt template provided by MIRL. These designs can be in the form of illustrations, graphics or text whichever the participants take inspiration from. The participants will then submit their work to the MIRL Team and the submitted designs will be voted among the MIRL community with each NFTs accounting for a vote count. The top-voted design will then be realised into an actual product and listed on MIRL Labs (MIRL’s fashion e-commerce store) on a profit-sharing model between the designer and MIRL.

The good news is that the challenge is open to anyone and everyone regardless of background, experience, occupation, age or gender. Simply design a t-shirt based on the template provided and MIRL will take care of the rest: manufacturing, supply chain, payment and delivery.

The challenge starts on 25 June 2022 and ends on 12 July 2022. Participants will have approximately 2 weeks to develop and submit their designs.

Before you get confused about the steps that are required for the challenge.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on the challenge.

Step 1:
Head over to T-Shirt Template to download the competition’s T-Shirt Template. The dimension and size have already been indicated in the template.

We have provided two file types: Adobe Illustrator (AI) and Photoshop (PS). You can download any of the two files you prefer.

Step 2:
Squeeze your creative juice.

Design your T-Shirt accordingly to your style, inspiration and designs. At this stage, you are free to include anything in your t-shirt design. A cartoon character, a graphic image, an illustration or purely text or even MIRL logos, it’s entirely up to you.

Be Creative, surprise the community

You may take references and inspiration from other designs/brands. However, note that any designs found with copyright issues/passing off will be disqualified.

Step 3:
Once your design is completed, export your artwork in PNG (less than 10MB) and submit your design here.

Note: The submission date will close on 12 July, Tuesday 23:59, any subsequent submission will not be counted.

Step 4:
The voting of the designs will officially start on the 14 July, Thursday during the Creator Heist event.

The votes will be based on the MIRL community with each NFTs holding a vote count. The votes will be made available during the event and at the end of the day, the votes will be tallied and accounted for. The design with the most votes will be listed on our MIRL Labs and be sold on a profit-sharing model between the designer and MIRL.

For more detailed explanation, read here:

Additional Bonus:
Register to be in MIRL Creative DAO for any subsequent events and creatives opportunity.

T-Shirt Template:

Creative Challenge submission:

Creators Heist RSVP (14th July 2022):

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